BioKryo organizes and manages the whole logistic for the transport of your samples: Starting with a detailed preparation and consulting of all required documents continuing with the shipment itself up to the sample administration and documentation - the shipment and the storage of your samples is carried out by one source. BioKryo possesses a wide knowledge in the international shipment of sensible biological samples.

Of course necessary dry-shipper or dry ice container for the shipment of your samples can also be provided by BioKryo.

Collection removal

BioKryo has already performed several removals of entire cryopreserved sample collections. Small Freezer as well as cryovessels can be shipped safely across Europe using a state-of-the-art transport and surveillance technology. During the transport your samples will be cooled using either liquid nitrogen or an electric power aggregate. Thus the temperature monitoring as well as the maintaining of the cool chain is granted. We would be glad to advise you if you are planning to perform such a move of your samples. 

Disaster recovery

In the case of a disaster in your biobank, BioKryo may provide a quick assistance plus safekeeping and transport for your samples. Please call us  +49 681 210 759 0.