The classical cryostorage service for biological samples at BioKryo is based on the storage in a standard cryotank at below -140°C in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. You can store a part of your biological collection as a back-up or use the BioKryo Biobank as an external storeroom.

BioKryo offers its service at the following storage temperatures: 4˚C, -20˚C, -80˚C, -150˚C and -196˚C in LIN.

A redundant and fully automated surveillance system for the biobank including camera surveillance, several installations to measure the lack of oxygen, several ventilation systems, uninterrupted power supply as well as generators are installed. BioKryo uses a Quality Management System, which is based on the GMP standards required by the German Pharmaceuticals Act (Arzneimittelgesetz, AMG).