BioKryo stores your valuable biological samples  using unique storage  methods. You samples will be always available for future diagnostic and therapeutic applications. As a Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (Fraunhofer IBMT) spin-off, BioKryo profits from IBMT´s top of the world belonging systems in the biobank field.

These combine innovative standards for long-term storage of biological and cryosamples linked with advanced automation and centralization systems like Fraunhofer Cryostorage Technology (FCT). With FCT, it is now possible to keep a stable temperature range below -140° C for cryosamples during the entire transport and storage process. Thus, each sample is kept at exact the same temperature from the freezing to the storing. You can also profit by a state of the art cryogenic process,  which is successfully used by the GHRC Bank for HIV samples as well as by the IBMT´s bioarchive.