Clinical trials sample management

When performing clinical studies, a collection of patient samples drawn from various centers, such as hospitals and laboratories, becomes necessary. Subsequentely, the associated data needs to be properly documented and the patient samples adequately crypreserved. You are now welcome to outsource these tasks to the sample management of BioKryo GmbH.

For more than six years BioKryo GmbH provides management of patient samples for subsequent therapeutic and diagnostic purposes and related logistics as a validated and standardized full service. In this process e.g. tumor tissue, serum, plasma, saliva, urine or whole blood samples can be stored within various formats at 4° C, -20° C, -80° C and -150° C.
The benefits for your CRO are firstly the outsourcing of the entire organizational effort and secondly the avoidance of maintaining an expensive cryogenically infrastructure, which brings a significant lean of cost structure keeping a high quality of a specialized company. Numerous CROs already benefit from our services storing their samples at the BioKryo GmbH.