Air Liquide Biobanking Network

Air Liquide Healthcare, already a key supplier of biobanks inside hospitals with liquid nitrogen, cryogenic vessels and engineering for cryopreservation of biological samples, is expanding its activity to become itself an operator of biobanks. Through its own network of biobanks in Europe, Air Liquide Biobanking Network, Air Liquide offers a unique solution for customers looking at externalizing or optimizing the storage of their biological samples and associated services. 

BioKryo and Cryo-Bank Krefeld biobanks in Germany, Isenet Biobanking in Italy and Cryopal Biobanque Solutions in France are all members of Air Liquide Biobanking Network. They offer the highest standards of storage services in terms of safety, quality, reliability and traceability.

Our biobanking offer

  • Cryogenic and cold (<-80°C) storage of samples. We offer a range of storage services from -80°C up to liquid nitrogen temperature (gas or liquid phase) in function of the specific sample storage requirements. 
  • Quality management and traceability of data and samples. All data and samples are tracked and traced by state of the art LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), allowing to identify and recover any specific sample at any time. All our processes are designed to maximize sample quality as part of certified quality systems.
  • Safe and secure storage. Our sites are equipped with 24/7 alarm systems, providing a safe place to keep your samples stored at maximum safety level. Temperature and nitrogen levels monitoring is performed.
  • Biological samples service provider. Isenet Biobanking and its process labs are able to provide molecular and cell biology, cytogenetics, and quality controls on all types of biological samples, including induced pluripotent cells lines (iPSCs) and tissues. In addition the biobank provides the scientific community with a comprehensive selection of stem cell lines.
  • End-to-end cryogenic logistics solutions. Our biobanks offers optimized and flexible logistics solutions for the shipment of biological samples.